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2014 Hot Hundred Survey

Please take just a minute to complete our Follow-Up Survey.  Let us know what you liked and help us do better next year with your suggestions.



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Thank you for breaking our attendance record with a total of 664  cyclists from 14 states and Singapore, UNK!

Everyone on the Planning Committee and Support Staff of the Hot Hundred appreciates these fine comments on this year’s event:

BIBB 207
Comment: Hello, My name is Rej Jones and I participated in the Hot Hundred ride today. Unfortunately, around mile 10 I was involved in a wreck when another biker mistakenly swerved left as our faster pack was coming by her. It was a chain reaction taking me and another rider down. I skidded across the pavement earning me, what I thought to be only some road rash battle scars. The Two buddies I was riding with helped me gather my things, regroup and get back on my bike. Thinking all was good we began to ride and try to catch back up to our pack. However, after 5 miles I noticed a huge Hematoma beginning to form under bibs on my right hip. It was around the size of a cantaloupe. After stopping to evaluate the situation my buddies and I decided to call the swag vehicle. The 2 guys ( I’m ashamed I don’t know their names) showed up within minutes to help evaluate my injury as well. I felt good but didn’t want to do anything that would bring harm or further injury to myself. They evaluated me and determined that if I wanted to continue then I could. However, they wanted me to be sure and check in at each rest station, which I did. My goal when I left
Daphne, Al (my hometown) was to ride 103 miles. I had made up my mind and the word quit did not enter my thoughts. After my accident, I decided it was a set back on my day but I would not let it ruin my day. At that point failure was not an option for me. My two buddies asked if I wanted to finish the 103 and I told them absolutely. At that point they both said we are going to lead you all the way to the finish just stay on our wheel and let us do as much work for you as we can. I thank them wholeheartedly for doing this for me to help me accomplish my goal.
I am typing this e-mail in hopes that someone can reach out to the medical trainers, assistants, swag vehicle crew, staff and
Dr. Robinson. This group of amazing people took tremendous care of me the entire day. Evaluating me, helping bandage me up, giving me new ice packs for my injury at each and every stop. Plus, they allowed me to continue which I sincerely appreciate as well. If not for this awesome group of people I may not have been able to finish today. Please let Mrs. Mary, Alex, Kyle, Dr. Robinson and the additional staff that helped Bibb # 207 today know that he appreciates there kindness and generosity from the bottom of his heart. It was funny because I became know as Bibb #207 to staff and other riders on the course and it was a sense of pride for me to finish not only for myself but for all of those who helped me throughout my ride. It was actually comical at times as we would pass other riders I would hear them say there goes 207 the guy with the huge Hematoma along with their encouragement for me to keep going. Even though I will be sore and have a rough few days I wanted to pass along my gratitude for such a great organized ride. This was my first Century ride and I will definitely be back next year. I would recommend anyone to come ride the Hot Hundred because They couldn’t ask for a better ride and support staff. Please please pass along my Thanks to everyone.

Best wishes,
Bibb #207
Rej Jones
Daphne, Al

My name is Brett Stark and I am from Auburn, Alabama and thoroughly enjoyed my time at this event. Even though in my heart I bleed orange and blue, I was glad I was able to rub shoulders with so many fine people in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and see some of the beautiful countryside. I loved the 70 mile ride and I regret not doing the 103 mile ride so I could see more of the area, but I guess I can do that next year. The support vehicles were always close by with their familiar jingles and checking on the riders on such a hot day. The rest stops were thoroughly stocked and supplies and the staff at each stop were exceptionally friendly and gave some great tips along the way. The campus was beautiful and I would love to bring some of my war eagle friends back up to Roll Tide country next year!! Thanks Again!!


Great day! What a fantastic job from start to finish. Thanks Tuscaloosa for a wonderful experience.   Joe & Ashton  Ashton

Joe Varner


I drove Over From Savannah, Georgia to Ride … Had a Wonderful Time I Love the Alabama Back Road Series Finishers Medals … What a Great Event !!  Rickey Anderson


Rickey Anderson


Had an AMAZING day riding in the Hot Hundred-Tuscaloosa! Was able to complete the 52 mile route and it felt great! A huge thanks to Ken Ozzello and Charles Sneadfor all of the encouragement!

Jon Whitaker

Thanks for the fantastic volunteers, crew, rest stop support and SAG on the ride today. As the only non-American century rider, visiting from halfway around the world, it was a great experience to be treated to authentic southern hospitality keep up the great work!

Shiv Navar  –  Singapore


I absolutely LOVE this ride! This was my 2nd year to go the full 103 and I’m always so impressed with how well organized and supported and fun it is. A huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and to the organization that puts this together and makes it happen. I’m already excited about next year! I rode with my dad this year, and it was a very special and memorable ride today. Cheers!

Nancy Catherine Weaver Patrick Weaver


Congratulations to our Fort Gordon Centurions, Julio Larregui and Frankie Rodriguez  Julio Larregui & Frankie Rodriguez

Bib #165 On the Hot Hundred Ride in Tuscaloosa on 07/26/2014. One word, Awesome! I have done several cross state rides, BRAG, Bike Florida, part of bike Virginia (sorry, Bib#165) and even in 2003 BAMA (LA). None of these had the level of support that you had on the “Hot Hundred”.  If I can get up at 3am and drive for 3hrs and ride 100miles and enjoy myself as much as I did, well simply Awesome! Support was great, the staff courteous and encouraging, food excellent. SAG drivers  simply great. Then getting to Tour the Campus before leaving on Sunday was the icing on the cake! Roll Tide!

Edwin Schevey
Columbus GA

Wow, 664 riders at the Hot Hundred!  Congratulations to you and your crew again on pulling off such a big, complicated event and making it all look smooth – although, like they say about ducks, I expect things only appeared calm on the surface while down under y’all were paddling like crazy.  I enjoyed the fixie-friendly terrain and the extremely low traffic on the century route, as well as the unrelenting hospitality of your rest stop volunteers.

Sorry about the additional distraction I created there at the finish after my electrolyte levels took a nose dive (followed by the rest of me).  On the bright side, causing two EMT runs in one day set a new personal record for me, so there’s that.

I hope you can make the short trip over to Tannehill to join us at the Ironworks Century on August 9.  The Ironworks has usually been a springtime ride, but with benefit of some lessons learned from the HH, I think we’ll be ready to show our riders some hot fun in the summertime!



Great job to all who organized, supported and volunteered at the ride. One of the best supported rides I have had the chance to experience. Plenty of food, cheerful volunteers, wonderful “spa” treatment with the cold towels, and the roving mechanics out on the course. Good job with the weather also. A perfect 103 miler.

Kurt Webb

Couldn’t have asked for a cooler group of people!!! What an awesome day!!


Thanks to Pixie Hicks and all who organized and helped!  Best Ride in the state!!!!

Bill Lunsford