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Friday3 Friday4 Friday13 Friday15   Friday Night Photos by DCBC Photographer, Michael Hayes….Pre-Ride Party & Packet Pick-Up at VeloCity Pro Cycle

  Friday5 Friday7 Friday10 Friday1 Friday2 Friday9 Friday18


Michael’s RIDE DAY photos.   Yes, Michael was on the road all day snapping your pic!

 Hot_Hundred002c Hot_Hundred017 Hot_Hundred023 Hot_Hundred032c Hot_Hundred037 Hot_Hundred049 Hot_Hundred104


 Bethel Church Rest Stop photos from this year’s, July 27th HOT HUNDRED.

HH Rest Stop (5) HH Rest Stop (3) HH Rest Stop (6) HH Rest Stop (4)


Hot Hundred 2013 pic Allan Rosen Photos




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You guys did a great job. I saw Dave on the course several times and told him, too. I did my first century in YEARS. I had a blast.
And big thanks to VeloCity. I, like a lot of other riders, had a flat and they took good care of me.
I know how much work that kind of event is. This was soo much bigger with lots of logistical challenges. You and the rest of the organizers and volunteers really had a lot on your hands — and you made it look easy! Wow. Well done!
Looking froward to next year!
Cathy Pagani

I hope the comments filter back to y’all but I heard many people say that it was the best bike event they had ever done.  I would agree with that.  Wonderful route, fabulous rest stops, clear route markings, great facility at the U of A.  Be prepared for a bigger group next year based on the reputation y’all have earned.  Thanks for an awesome day.



What an incredible experience riding in The Hot Hundred today. It was everything and more I had heard about.  You guys did an outstanding job putting the ride together. Completing the 103 route is something I will never forget
The weekly group rides and all the coaching I have received really helped me today. Thanks for all you do !!!!
Larry Murphy


Thank you Volunteer Jody (?) for escorting the last four 71 milers through town with your dark grey Chevy Equinox for the first 5 miles of the start. We were late and you were so kind to take us under your wing. You were the highlight of the event for us. You Rock!


Had a great time. You guys were prepared and the staff were all super friendly. The Zoe’s after meal was spot on. Great venue as well. The welcome of the last rider was cool too.

Joe Varner


Hot Hundred has some of the best volunteers I have ever seen….Their hard work and dedication not only makes folks want to come back to this event, but sets the standard for how events should be ran. Kudos to event management, volunteers, sponsors and law enforcement.    Hot Hundred sets the standard for how a Century should be put on….Already looking forward to next year!      Billy Ritch


Seriously….I’ve done 9 centuries this season…this was one of the best SAG stop rides…right up there with MUCH bigger rides (have posted this on a couple of sites and on your FB site as well.)


Though all the rest stop folks were helpful, the Bethel Church folks were over-the-top.  Very encouraging. EXCELLENT SAG stops.  Spaced perfectly, and stocked perfectly and more importantly, staffed perfectly (especially the Chick fil a stop.


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