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Registration for the 2015 ride is OPEN until midnight, Thursday, July 23rd! Go to our registration page for all the info!

Miss the jersey order deadline?  We might have extras. Contact us at alhothundred@gmail.com

Hot Hundred Jersey Design

Join us for the 13th annual Hot Hundred, with headquarters at the University of Alabama Rec Center.  We’ll have plenty of parking, plus showers, lunch, and swimming after your ride.  Pedal past historic Denny Chimes and Bryant Denny Stadium!

denny chimes 0909xx_BH_Bryant-Denny_Stadium  pool

The Hot Hundred is known for its excellent support both on the road and at Rest Stops. DCH Sports Trainers station at each stop and also in one of our SAG vehicles to offer assistance…after all we are the Hottest Ride in the South and do everything possible to keep you safe.  We even set up ice tubs to toss you into and provide ice towels to get you back on the road!  Over 20 volunteer ham radio operators stage on the route, in SAG vehicles and at aid stations to assist with communications.  How will you know our support vehicles?  There’s no missing them since they all have flashing amber lights atop their cars and trucks!  You will also see our Tuscaloosa Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, and Alabama State Troopers on the road watching out for you.  Having mechanical issues? Flag us down and get some help from our VeloCity Pro Cycle mechanics.  We enjoy awesome support from our Tuscaloosa community

Everyone on the Planning Committee and Support Staff of the Hot Hundred appreciates these fine comments on the 2015 event:

3 thoughts on “

    Robert moorehead-lane said:
    July 27, 2015 at 10:53 am

    Thank you for putting on a fantastic ride on saturday – It was hot and it was fast but it was the best supported ride and with the friendliest people at every aid station and every stop.
    Well signed, well organised and an amazing day
    I will definitely be back next year.

    Cal Sawyer said:
    July 31, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Fantastic ride, with INCREDIBLE support and the most friendly volunteers I’ve experienced. I had a blowout within the first mile, shredding my tire. Within minutes (while the others peddled away), SAG showed up. After realizing that I needed a new one, the mechanic reached in the back of his truck and pulled out a spare. He did a quick change and I was on my way. Entire process took less than 20 min, and I was even given a slight reprieve on cutoff time for the 34-mi mark! I drove down from SC for this ride, and I will definitely be back. The Chick-fil-a at 78-mi rest stop was the best sandwich I’ve ever had!!

    Ricky Sisco said:
    July 31, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    I was #111 that was involved in the accident at mile 14. I hope no one else got hurt and apologize if they did. The volunteers, SAG’s, and paramedics were wonderful and very supportive as I slowly rode the remaining 89 miles. The trainers at the finish line told me I might have a fracture and they were right. X-ray’s showed I have a fractured transverse L3. A friend of mine told me there are those that have crashed and those that will. My first crash in 15 years will hopefully be my last. Again, I pray no one else got hurt and I humbly thank the ride organizers for everything they did.

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